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Protecting what is Important



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Purchasing office products from FireKing is about more than new furniture— it’s about a wise investment and your peace of mind. Nobody has to tell you that highly important, sometimes sensitive information gets stored in office storage cabinets and files. Yet, unfortunately, the fact is, successfully protecting this valuable data will take more than simply locks and keys. That’s why you need FireKing. FireKing products come in a wide range of styles and sizes, but what they all have in common is the ability to help you protect what matters. From fireproof filing cabinets to specialty safes, our office products provide the protection that your important information needs. Don’t be surprised by a devastating fire, flood or other tragedy! By protecting your assets properly, you’ll be able to store them with confidence. Look for these Icons to help guide you to the FireKing Product that best suit your needs - Specifications and Icon Guide


High Quality Office Products, File Cabinets, Specialty Safes and More


At FireKing, we’re proud to offer a wide array of security-boosting office products: fireproof file cabinets, fireproof storage cabinets, fire- and water-resistant safes, record safes, fire and water chests, data safes, specialty safes and cash and key management tools. All of these office products are designed to help you store important information and objects in a way that keeps them insulated from harm. Whether it’s files in fireproof cabinets or on-site cash in business rated safes, we’ve got security products that give you extra protection.

In terms of cabinetry, our products, provide the highest protection from potential fires and impact – a number of our products are also made to prevent water damage that could occur from sprinklers and/or fire hoses used in a crisis. Additionally, we have record safes that provide some of the best document storage available, with options in various price points and sizes in order to accommodate your needs. Our data safes protect computer media against damage from fires, dust, magnetic fields, electrostatic discharge, office accidents and unauthorized access. Our cash and key management products offer secure enclosures for managing cash and keys. Other products include specialty safes for valuable objects you want to keep secured and fire and water chests to keep irreplaceable items dry and cool.

For more than six decades, FireKing has been the company providing homes and businesses with greater security and organization for their important items. Whether it’s for protecting documents, petty cash or business-critical files, FireKing has the tools that give you extra security and protection where you are. For files that are truly irreplaceable, you need office products that are truly safe— so come to FireKing! Our product line is specially designed to keep your valuables secure from theft, fire or other damages.