POS Surveillance Systems

Keep Your Eye On Every Sales Transaction With POS Video Surveillance

Whether you own or manage one convenience store or several, a high-end restaurant, a fast food drive-thru, pharmacy or any type of retail operation, your cash flow depends on the accuracy of your employees' cash and credit transactions. Over time, small errors and irregularities — whether accidental or intentional — can add up to undermine your profitability. While other responsibilities prevent you from being there around the clock, installing a POS surveillance system will allow you to look over the shoulder of your cashiers as they interact with customers at the cash register.

Use DVR/NVR Hybrid Recorders with POS Security System Integration to Search for and Pinpoint Real-Time Suspect Transactions

Legitimate void, refund, discount and no sale transactions happen every day, and the vast majority of your employees exhibit honesty and skill at the register, but you can't afford not to monitor these exceptions. This integrated DVR/NVR POS solution offered as a 16 or 32 camera option, accommodates megapixel, analog and IP cameras. It also has interfaces with over 150 supported devices to enable you to investigate shrinkage and monitor employee behavior — and view it all in high-definition, full-frame clarity. Just specify your parameters and customize your event-based recording triggers to only view video that matters to you. Then customize the “Quick View” buttons to instantly access specific transactions and video, and you'll significantly reduce investigation time. With minimal training, all management-level employees — from novice to loss-prevention specialist — can master the easy-to-use intuitive POS interface.

Not only does its video management software make remote and multi-site viewing possible, but you can program it to alert you via text message or email should discounts be offered or other exceptions occur more often than the parameters you set. Owners of multi-site locations and franchises can run enterprise level analysis to obtain chain-wide exception reports so they can make appropriate changes and update their software, as needed.

Use this robust, commercial-grade POS surveillance system to augment your existing surveillance cameras, POS terminals, alarm systems and access control devices. Come to us for more information on how POS video surveillance can be used as both a security and management tool to deter criminal activity, while improving employee performance and safety.

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