Ascent Series

The Ascent Series of cash management safes use the industry's leading technology to provide secure and reliable protection for your cash. In addition to storing cash, these cash management devices also validate and dispense the cash, as needed — providing your company with accurate, reliable accounting and accountability for your cash management needs.

More Than Just a Safe

While at their core Ascent cash management devices are safes, because they secure and protect the money they contain, they are so much more. These units control, capture and report transactions from all devices at your location, working as a single accounting unit to help you better manage the inflow of cash.

The Accent Series includes bill validating safes, as well as coin and note dispensing units, to ensure easy access to cash when you need it, with unparalleled security for the cash stored inside. Bill validating safes will validate the bills you store and prepare your cash for deposit, making it simple to count, report and deposit the money earned each day. Coin and note dispensing units make it easy to dispense cash to customers and clients, while carefully tracking and reporting each transaction for smooth cash flow operations.

No matter which model you choose, you will benefit from the design features of these Ascent Series safes. Each unit uses a simple icon-based interface, which provides great control over transactions, and you can link up to six devices to a single location.

Increase Flexibility for Ultimate Control

What makes the Ascent Series unique among FireKing safes is the fact that it is fully expandable. Meet your bill and coin handling needs easily by creating a network that fits the demands of your facility. Use up to six devices linked as a single accounting unit, or use them as stand-alone models. Set up your safes to report by user, by day or by shift, to quickly see your cash handling activities and identify problems before they escalate. Add an unlimited number of users to fit the needs of your staff.

If your cash management needs improvement and you wish for the ultimate in security and flexibility, choose one of these cash management safes from the Ascent Series. Browse the available models today, or contact FireKing to build a system that is tailored to the specific demands of your business.

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