32 Channel Security DVR

Nobody knows more about your business than you. Keep it that way with a 32 channel security DVR.

The 32 channel DVR security system is designed to monitor your business operations in an efficient, streamlined way that is easy to use and manage. Watch day-to-day process on an integrated digital video recording system, and gain a clear view of what’s happening at any of your locations. With up to 32 channels of synched audio, you boost your security by paying attention to what’s being said. Review any portion of the surveillance footage on-demand with an intuitive interface and pre-programmed event benchmarks. Our 32ch DVR security system was not only developed by an industry leader in retail management software, but it also is made to give you a return on investment. Use it to prevent loss, manage risk, reduce shrink, and hedge your bets against any unexpected damages. Visit our Digital Recording units to review all our multi-channel DVR systems

Video Management Software

Support your operational spot-checks and ongoing investigations with our playback software enabling you to view your operation remotely without the costly expense of travel and business disruption.