Lock Rod

When to Replace
If the lock rod and eccentric mechanism do not move freely, then it is necessary to remove the lock rod. Although the lock rod is controlled by the spring of the eccentric, the lock rod must move freely in the channel for the lock arrangement to operate properly.


  • To remove the lock rod all of the drawers must be removed from the cabinet. Drawers should be set aside in order to make sure they are put back in the same openings. If the drawers should get mixed up, check the number on the right hand side of each to ensure that the drawer is in the correct opening with the lock drawer being #1.
  • Locate and remove the screws in the back of the cabinet which holds the top on. Raise the back of the top and push forward. After the front lip of the top clears the front of the cabinet, lift the top off.
  • Obtain drill points or locate the plug in the front right side of the top and, using a hammer and screwdriver or 1/4 inch drill, knock or drill the plug out.
  • Locate the lock rod pins in each drawer and remove. For lateral cabinets, lock rod bearings must also be removed. The lock rod is now ready to slide out of the top of the cabinet. If the lock rod was previously stuck, then it is necessary to drive the lock rod up until it clears the cabinet.


  • To install a lock rod first check the lock rod channel to make sure there is not any dust or debris.
  • The channel should be lubricated (ex. WD-40).
  • Check the lock rod to make sure it is free of dust and burrs.
  • Slide the lock rod through the top of the cabinet into the channel and make sure the lock rod moves up and down freely.
  • Reinstall all lock pins and eccentric pin and make sure the eccentric operates smoothly and the lock rod raises and lowers without any hesitation.
  • Using either a gypsum mixture or plaster of paris, patch the hold in the top of the cabinet.
  • Reinstall the drawers in the appropriate openings and make sure the keylock now operates.
  • Replace the top and install the screws in the back of the cabinet.