DVR Security Software

DVR Security Software is designed to make your video surveillance systems more efficient and effective by providing review and storage features that enable you to zero in on key events, quickly scan suspicious periods and select and provide evidence of theft or other illegal activities on your premises.

DVR Security Software provides scheduled, continuous or motion activated detection video recording. You can connect your DVR software to multiple cameras, through the Internet or on site at your facilities.

You can place image overlays and dated/time stamps, zoom in, adjust image size and quality, and pan or tilt and zoom with fingertip control. Our secure playback software allows you to stream video for review on-site or remotely.

Configure each camera’s name and control quality, lighting, resolution, brightness and control. With Image Vault’s easy to use playback software, you can configure your cameras by name, resolution, number of frames per second to record, record on motion and an array of other settings to help you customize your needs.

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