Fireproof Safe Deposit Boxes

Protect your most valued items against unexpected fires. Invest in a fireproof safe deposit box.

Fires and related accidents happen every day—If one occurs near you, will your valuables be protected? We offer a diverse array of protective devices, designed to prevent fire damage and theft. From a fireproof safe deposit box to a fire-rated wall safe, these security devices ensure valuables stay out of harm. By storing your jewelry, cash, sensitive paperwork, or other valuables inside a fireproof box, you ensure they’re safe even in the event of disaster. To learn more about the security products we offer, including our wide range of fireproof devices, download our complete online catalog.

Various Fireproof Products

With half a century of experience in the security industry, we’re proud to be the first choice of clients looking for fireproof protective measures. What’s more, we offer full support on the items we sell. When your fireproof safe deposit box needs repair work, upkeep, maintenance, or even locksmith services, our service staff is ready and waiting to serve you. For assistance with your product, contact our service team at 800-457-2424 x3014.