Fireproof Boxes

Store valuables in fireproof boxes to protect them from theft and damage.

There’s no way to predict when a disaster will strike—but you can prepare for the possibility by placing valuables inside fireproof boxes. From cash to jewelry to sensitive and vital paperwork, important items stay safe when tucked inside fireproof containers. When you have something important enough to save, don’t take a risk; lock it away in a fire proof box. Fire proof boxes protect against even the hottest flames, ensuring that your goods stay unharmed. To learn more about our fireproof security products visit our Office Products and Safes product pages, or download our complete catalog.

Personal and Commercial Fire Proof Boxes

Protect your valuables from burglary or theft by placing them inside fire proof boxes. We stock a wide selection of security products, from boxes to safes. Contact our service representatives at 800-457-2424-x 3014