SecuRam Locks

Protect your valuables with cutting-edge SecuRam locks.

SecuRam offers a wide selection of electronic locks designed to accommodate different budgets and sizing needs. A security device with a SecuRam lock provides an added level of security to protect your possessions. Among their features, SecuRam locks may include biometric fingerprint entry pads, electronic combination entry pads, and mixed entry methods. SecuRam locks come standard on all our commercial safes. Learn more about the various SecuRam locks we offer by downloading our SecuRam Locks Brochure, or visit our Commercial Safes page to view our full line of safes fitted with SecuRam locks

Commercial and Residential Secure Ram Locks

When your SecuRam lock needs installation, testing, maintenance, or you need locksmith assistance getting through your own lock, contact us. We have a staff of service representatives, available ’round the clock. For assistance with your SecuRam lock, call us at 800-342-3033 x267.