Intelligent Safes

Intelligent Safes and cash management systems provide retailers like you the accountability and flexibility you need to understand and monitor how you deposit and store money across any and all of your locations. Through built-in technology that securely and efficiently tracks the flow of cash — moment to moment — these advanced safes provide greater business intelligence to empower your decisions and processes.

What’s more, at FireKing, many of our smart safes are a networked solution, meaning they can enable two-way communications between the safe unit and central support groups. This means they make it easier than ever to find personable, effective and efficient support when you need it because, through your smart safe, you can have quick and easy access to FireKing Commercial Services product and service specialists. As trained experts in cash management safes, our specialists are able to offer support with software rollouts/updates, setup control, access management, trouble shooting and data retrieval or uploads. In terms of implementing a smart safe at your location, there’s never been a better option. Contact us today to learn more!

Service Level Agreements and Pay-As-You-Go Protection

Given the sophistication and level of cash security provided by our advanced safes, you may want to consider the respective benefits of our SLA (Service Level Agreement) program and our Pay-As-You-Go Protection plans.

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