Safe Installation & Service

Safe installation and service is one of our most valued categories of customer assistance. If you have an existing safe, or order a new safe, consult with our safe installation and service team to find out how best to protect your investment. We have extensive experience supporting a wide range of Commercial and Intelligent safes for many different types of companies. Our safe and installation services include:

Rollout Planning and Program Management

  • Our commercial services team has the program management expertise to develop a comprehensive rollout plan and to keep implementations on schedule. We have experience managing implementations of one to five thousand locations, with dedicated Project Managers available for larger initiatives
  • Pre-installation support and site surveys facilitate and streamline activities to enable efficient implementations
  • Product End-of-Life Programs to assure the best possible financial replacement plan can be constructed

Delivery, Installation and Maintenance Services

  • Safes are delivered and installed including site preparation and anchoring the unit. If an old unit was installed, it is removed and taken away.
  • Common support issues such as new access codes or changing batteries on electronic locks
  • Emergency safe access
  • Safe lock fix and replacement
  • Preventive maintenance programs available to reduce service calls and related costs over the life of the product

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