FireKing Commercial Services has the resources to handle the service needs of any size organization. We understand you are looking for a service partner who is accountable, flexible and personable. Many of our clients manage hundreds of locations with many types of safes, cash-management units and key & lock hardware components in use. Wide geographical coverage and different types of equipment can result in many different service providers delivering service, ultimately leading to inconsistent service levels, proliferation of non-standard equipment and high procurement costs. Our services can actually increase your operational efficiency while reducing the costs of servicing your safes, cash-management systems and commercial locking hardware. We do this by providing our customers :

  • Verification that service was performed – at the level contracted and billed
  • A means to overcome inaccurate or inconsistent billing for services
  • A single partner who can service all locking related hardware you have in the field
  • The ability to view service levels and enforce consistent service procedures across all your locations

We provide national and localized coverage for all brands of safes, key and lock hardware. Our services can be tailored specifically to your needs with contracted service options and plans customized to your requirements. Efficiencies you will realize include:

  • A single point of contact and accountability
  • Consistent and accurate billing
  • Configurable financing terms to best suit your business needs.

Call today to discuss your security and cash management needs. Our team can help.