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Cash Handling Safes

NKL Autobank V1 and V2 JCM Bulk Bill Validating Safes

NKL V1 Buik Feed ValidatorPDF - NKL V1 and V2 Bill Validating Safes Spec Sheet

Bulk-Feed Autobank V1 safes feature a 25-note bulk-feed bill acceptor that reads, validates, and securely stores currency. A single-note-feed version is also available. V2 models feature a second validator for doubled bill storage capacity. The 2000-note high-capacity locking cassette(s) are well protected in a secure compartment.

An anti-fish manual drop slot is provided to a seperate compartment on JCM version V1 and V2 models. This upper compartment is accessed using a knob operated spring-bolt lock.

Controller and remote versions are available. Controller V1C or V2C units are capable of interfacing with and controlling up to 15 remote V1R and V2R bill validating Autobanks. V1R or V2R units may also be controlled by D8C Autobank safes.

Designed for virtually any type of safe, the AuditLok XLV electronics are used on all Autobank safes. These safes are supported by NKL Edge software.

  • Used Anywhere Cash is Handled
  • JCM Bulk Feed (shown right) or Single-Note Feed Validator Options
  • Positive Bill Authentication
  • 2000 Note Front-Load Lockable Cassette
  • Manual Drop Compartment
  • AuditLok XLV Electronics
  • Modular Interfaces Up to 16 Units
  • Positive I.D., 100 Users
  • 20,000 Line Audit Trail
  • Printed Receipts & Reports
  • Fully Programmable
  • Programmable Delays, Timelocks
  • AC Operated
  • Easily Seen Fluorescent Display
  • Easy to Use "Action" Buttons
  • Burglary & Duress Alarms
  • 2-Point Low-Profile Boltwork
  • Controller (V1C/V2C) and Remote (V1R/V2R) Versions

V1 Chassis for JCM Validator

V2 Chassis for JCM Validators

NKL V1 Bulk32" Height
10" Width
20" Depth
285 lbs avg. ship wt
NKL V2 Bulk32" Height
17" Width
20" Depth
360 lbs avg. ship wt
These Autobank V1 and V2 Cash Handling safes feature high quality JCM bill validators, 3-point low-profile NKL bolt-work hardware, automatic locking detent mechanism, and burglary resistant lock. Locking cassettes hold 2000 bills. Single-note and 25-note feed heads are available. Users may make validated drops using any of several procedures depending on the situation and what other safes are in the system.

V1C/V2C Controller Autobank

EPR Remote DisplayThe external display (EPR) 4-line fluorescent display makes it possible for the operator to easily see on-screen instructions, making it easier than ever to follow directions and efficiently use the safe's validated drop capabilities. The AuditLok XLV keypad also allows quick access to other advanced features such as printing reports, programming users or configuration parameters, and even more advanced features, such as buying change, when dispensing Autobank safes are interfaced with a V1C or V2C.

One V1C or V2C safe can serve as the controller for up to 15 V1R or V2R safes. The modularity of the Autobank cash handling platform allows you to construct a system tailored to your specific needs. Controller units are supplied with a printer and EPR display.

V1R/V2R Remote Autobank

V1R and V2R units are designed to integrate as remote components in an AuditLok XLV system where a different safe serves as the system's controller (D8C, V1C, V2C, or AXC). V1R and V2R safes are physically identical to their controller counterpart models, but are not equipped with their own central processor, printer or display.

JCM Validators

Bulk Validator CloseupJCM validators have a 2000 note capacity with front load style locking cassette. In addition to a standard bulk feed version, JCM also offers a single-note feed version. The bulk feeder can handle a stack of up to 25 bills at a time. Rejected bills are sent to a reject tray just above the deposit tray.

Service, including clearing bill jams, is the easiest yet with JCM validators since the entire feeder and head assembly can be pulled without opening the secure compartment. The upper electronics head assembly of the bulk validator may be pulled out for external service without opening any door and exposing cash contents. NKL has a patent pending on this technology. Watch a short video about the bulk validator in your choice of formats: avi, wmv, or mpg.

Exceptional Accuracy
These validators accurately discriminate between bill denominations through the use of multiple wavelength optical sensing and sophisticated data processing.
  • JCM Single-Note Feed or Bulk Feed Validators
  • High Capacity 2000 Note Locking Cassette
  • Positive Bill Authentication
  • User Friendly Operation
  • V1 and V2 Autobank Applications

Single and Bulk Feed Versions
The most popular style JCM validator is the bulk feeder version. Insert up to 25 notes at a time. The validator pulls in the bills, one at a time, and any rejected bills are returned to the reject tray. A single-note feeder version is also available. The single-note version JCM features a lockable head (to prevent unauthorized head removal) and drop drawer in place of the slot.

Four-Way High Acceptance
Satisfies transactions by accepting bills of all conditions. Bills may be fed in either direction, face up or face down.

Speed and Convenience
Improve efficiency in storing bills with high speed transactions and specialized bezels. Take advantage of the 25 note inlet tray on the Bulk validator to make it even easier to handle drops of several bills at a time.

JCM HeadReliable, Low Maintenance
With the streamlined recognition system, sensors are embedded under the smooth plastic bill path and the magnetic head and pinch roller have been eliminated to dramatically reduce jams, debris buildup, and the need for cleaning. Annual maintenance is recommended. Bill jams are easy to clear with JCM validators. In fact, the entire head assembly (either feeder style) can be removed for cleaning or maintenance without having to open the secure safe door.

Future Flexibility in a Flash
These validators accept new and old $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 denominations and may easily be upgraded to support any new currency from the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Request a Validator Upgrade for new currency.

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