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05-11 FireKing Announces Merger with Corporate Safe Specialists
CHICAGO, IL - May 3, 2011 Private equity firm Pfingsten Partners, L.L.C. announced that Corporate Safe Specialists, Inc., a Posen, IL-based provider of cash management products and services, including traditional safes, intelligent safes, and services, has merged with its portfolio company, FKI Security Group, L.L.C...
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8-10 FireKing Security Group Announces Affiliation with Security Executive Council
In addition to this group affiliation, Lloyd R. Jones, Senior Vice President of FireKing Security Group, will serve on the Solution Innovation Partner Advisory Board...
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7-09 RDCheckTrack Press Release
The RDCheckTrack is the first secure cabinet of its kind, solely used for the temporary
safeguarding and storage of paper checks already processed at businesses using Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). RDC has been called “The most important development the (U.S.) banking industry has seen in years” by the Federal Reserve and a recent...
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2-09 QSR-Web - KFC Stores Secret Recipe in FireKing Safe
Last fall, KFC removed its handwritten Secret Recipe to a secure location while a new, modern security system was installed at the KFC headquarters. The recipe, which Eaton said he has never seen in its entirety, now resides in a custom-built, digital FireKing safe that weighs more than 770 pounds and has a 1/2-inch thick steel door...
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2-09 KFC Media Says KFC Stores Secret Recipe in FireKing Safe
Media advertises KFC storing secret recipe in a custom FireKing safe.
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2-09 FireKing Security Group Names Phil Bradney Chief Operating Officer
Phil Bradney joins FireKing Security Group in January 2009. Most recently, he was Vice President of Business Development at Stanley Security Solutions, a provider of...
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4-07 FireKing Security Group Expands Commercial Services Program
FireKing Security Group recently announced a significant expansion of the company’s Commercial Services program by adding FireKing Field Technicians in North Carolina...
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3-07 Office Furniture and Design - Innovation in the Global Market Place
It is accepted wisdom that the future health of any economy rests on its ability to innovate. Intense global competition and increased consumer sophistication demand...
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1-07 FireKing Awarded Patent for Electronic Safe and Accounting System
FireKing recently announced that the company was awarded a patent (U.S. Patent # 7,063,252) for its “Centralized Electronic Safe and Accounting Control System.” The patent relates to...
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1-06 FireKing Security Group Announces Name Change
FKI Security Group today announced it has changed the company name to FireKing Security Group. In addition, the company announced a new internal organization...
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