Fireproof Money Safes

Be prepared for unexpected fires. Store your valuables in a fireproof safe.

When it comes to your valued possessions, you can’t be too careful—lock your treasures away in burglary fire safes to protect them from harm. With our fire and burglary safes, your valuables—from cash to sensitive documents to guns to jewelry—are tucked away from danger. Burglars can’t access your goods, and fires can’t damage what’s locked up inside your fireproof money safe. To learn more about our burglary fire safes, as well as our other security products, or call us at 800-342-3033.

Fire and Burglary Safes

Store your valuables inside a fireproof money safe to protect them from theft or fire damage. Our safes are designed to withstand even the hottest flames, as well as to be resistant to tampering and break-ins. We also offer initial installation and testing services, as well as round-the-clock maintenance support on your security devices. Whether you need repair work or locksmith help, call us. Our representatives are available at 800-342-3033 x 267.