Fire Safe Files

Experience the highest level of protection from fires and other damage. Choose fire-safe files.

From fires to impact damage to theft, our fireproof filing cabinets ensure that your documents, and in turn the well-being of your business, gain the highest levels of protection. We offer a full line of security products to ensure a fire safe file. Choose from lateral files, vertical files, card-check-note files, and more. Our fire safe file solutions come in various finishes and styles, and our expertise will help determine exactly the right option to suit you. To learn more, download our full catalog or call us at 800-457-2424 Press 3014

Fire Safe File Solutions

The truth is, fireproof filing cabinets are useful in any business environment. If any documentation is worth protecting, it’s worth protecting in a fire safe file solution. We offer all types of fireproof file cabinets—what’s more, we provide a wide range of installation and support services to help you when you need it.