4 Drawer Fireproof File Cabinets

A 4 drawer fireproof file cabinet provides a means of protection for your most important assets from fire and other damage.

Protecting your vital assets, including documents, original signatures and cash, is crucial if you want your business to continue to thrive. For a security solution for your documents and other assets from fire and impact damage, choose a 4 drawer fireproof filing cabinet. Our fireproof file cabinet 4 drawer solutions offer the size to protect a large quantity, as well as the toughest fire and impact protection.

Security solutions for your most vital assets

A 4 drawer fireproof file cabinet can be crucial to your success and security, so protect your vital assets and, in turn, protect your business. Choose a 4 drawer fireproof filing cabinet, and utilize our wide range of installation and support services to help you when you need it. Call 800-457-2424 ext 3014 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.