2 Drawer Fireproof File Cabinets

Protect your most important assets from fire and other damage with a 2 drawer fireproof file cabinet.

Your vital assets are pivotal to the overall health of your business, so protecting them is crucial. For a solution in protecting your documents and other assets from fire and impact damage, choose a 2 drawer fireproof filing cabinet. Our fireproof file cabinet 2 drawer solutions are the perfect balance of size and economy and the highest levels of security.

Fire and damage security solutions

A 2 drawer fireproof file cabinet is useful in any business environment, and even more so when you’re protecting your most vital assets and, in turn, protecting your business. Choose a 2 drawer fireproof filing cabinet, and we provide a wide range of installation and support services to help you when you need it. Call 800-457-2424 ext 3014 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.