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Shield your big valuables from more than theft. Protect them with a large fireproof safe.

We offer a full line of fireproof safes, designed to fit every budget, security, and cash-management need. Whether you’re storing away important paperwork or deterring theft and cash shrinkage, a large fireproof safe ensures your goods are fully accounted for and kept away from hands that shouldn’t touch them. Choosing a safe that’s fireproof means choosing a safe with an added layer of protection. If your restaurant kitchen has a fire or your residential building sustains fire damage, your most valued possessions will be protected and kept secure inside your safe. Click here to view our line of fireproof safes and the many sizes we offer.

Both Large and Small Fireproof Safes

For over 50 years, we’ve been protecting millions of dollars of vital information in fireproof safes around the world. When your large fireproof safe needs maintenance or repair, we’re available round-the-clock. Contact us about installation, testing, training, repairs, upkeep, locksmith services, or any other support.